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Welcome to Montessori Home.

Let me Introduce myself.


My name is Ayopeju Falekulo. I help school owners and would be school owners to learn Montessori skills so that they can impact children with knowledge for higher levels of success as well as increase their school’s potential to make more money.

Montessori Home is the home away from home for both parents and teachers, where we talk about parenting, teaching, teacher training, teacher professional development courses and everything Montessori. Our aim is to make  a difference in our world for the children.

This will become a resource hub for parents and educators.

I am in the process of planning a Montessori Apparatus Workshop that offers hands on presentations and insights into the Montessori Method that will enable you to skillfully present Montessori lessons and help you achieve high student success. I need your help to achieve this.

Could you please take out 3 minutes of your time to fill out this very short survey so that I know exactly what to include in the workshop?

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Thank You


The beauty of a Montessori education as seen by a parent.

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