Stop Using the Cane

Stop Using the Cane has become a passionate cause of mine. I believe in discipline, but discipline that begets positive outcomes, good behavior, joyful children, and most of all one that will not break the God given precious spirit of the growing child.

The cane is a negative discipline tool, especially when it is the only tool used accompanied with abusive words, shouting and yelling at the child for nearly every mistake or offense we may think the child has committed.

I just watched a video sent to me of a fight between two students. One student ended up killing the other because of a small tiff between them. Violence begets violence. Using the cane sends the wrong message to our children. We do not resolve problems and offenses with the cane, if we do why are we surprised that our the children want to resolve their differences with fighting, violence? A word is sufficient for the wise.

I have provided a few resources that you can download for free on this page.

Stop Using the Cane

Classroom Management 101

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