About Me

About Ayopeju Falekulo


Let me Introduce myself.

My name is Ayopeju Falekulo. I am wife and mom to my wonderful husband and two boys. I love Montessori and believe it is the best way to educate a child. Montessori children are happy, confident and joyful. They are great learners who love to learn and they think outside the box. The world is changing around us daily we need children who can cope with the changes and impact their world.

Montessori Home is the home away from home for both parents and teachers, where we talk about parenting, teaching, teacher training, teacher professional development courses and everything Montessori. Our aim is to make a difference in our world for the children.

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Come and join me in this special space and let us together make our children’s future great.

Is this you?

1) You love your children but they drive you crazy sometimes and you don’t know what to do or how to keep them busy and engaged.

2) You are a teacher and need professional guidance on how to get to the next level

3) You are interested in Montessori Education but don’t know where to start.

4) You are a student, nysc graduate, or job seeker thinking about a teaching career but you are not so sure if it is the right fit.

5) You are a school owner or a teacher who wants to know more about the Montessori Method of Education

6) You are interested in starting a school or a creche but need more information before you delve in

7) Or you just want to find out about me.

Well you are at the right place, because I am here to show you how to nurture children the Montessori way, this will help you impact the lives of children and families all over the world; and take you to the next level of professional achievements as an Educationist.

How did I get here?

As a child I had many dreams. I wanted to be a writer, then an actress. I studied Dramatic arts at the then University of Ile-Ife. I loved it. Then I served at Uni Port under Professor Ola Rotimi and later worked there as an Assistant Lecturer. All the while I rebelled against any suggestions about me studying Education. I hated that idea!!!

Several years later I decide to take a nanny job instead of working with NTA! (My family members don’t even know this! LOL.) I loved the job but still didn’t get the message!

I started to connect when I got married and had my boys. That was when The Kidzone was born540310_410315185669033_286989191_n

Then the Kidzone Magazine

Then Addlo Montessori School House

And with that also Addlo Montessori Training Center

Maybe like me you never wanted to teach, or go to a College of Education but now I can see that there is purpose, service and honor in nurturing the young. Join me on this wonderful journey of nurturing our children for tomorrow’s world

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