Please stop using the came!

A young boy, Emmanuel Amidu, a JSS2 student was flogged by his Mathematics teacher and he ended up dead! This sad and heart-wrenching news just broke, and though some affirm that the cane is not the way forward for disciplining, I am alarmed at the many of us who think the answer is arming schools … More Please stop using the came!


Teacher Aderonke

Teacher Aderonke Akeredolu loved her job as a Nursery 2 teacher and she also loved working with children. Singing songs and telling stories was her strong point and the children loved coming to school mainly because of those stories. She even learnt how to teach children to read and it has made all the difference … More Teacher Aderonke

The School,Family and Government must work together.

In recent times, the education sector as well as the family space has seen a barage of problematic issues which have perplexed, and shocked many into outrage and confusion. Children (still babies to some of us) are writing love letters, seeking to hire hotel rooms for some hours, and then to top it all the … More The School,Family and Government must work together.