Teacher Aderonke

Teacher Aderonke Akeredolu loved her job as a Nursery 2 teacher and she also loved working with children. Singing songs and telling stories was her strong point and the children loved coming to school mainly because of those stories.

She even learnt how to teach children to read and it has made all the difference in her classroom.

Teacher Aderonke knew the step by step way to teach and the children left her classroom with a clear foundation of reading skills up their sleeves.

There was one thing she did not like doing on the job and that was teaching children Mathematics!

She never liked the subject in school. She had to work so hard to pass adequately in school.

Now that she teaches Nursery 2 Mathematics, you would have thought the concepts and topics on the schedule were simple enough. Yet she always felt apprehensive before every Math class and worse still, after it she noticed that the children were never engaged or happy.

They also struggled to understand the simple concepts, sometimes still could not recognize numbers, or do simple additions correctly!

This was a heavy load on Teacher Aderonke’s mind. She was sure she was the cause of the problem her children were experiencing.

If she dislikes Maths obviously this must be robbing off the children, right?

What if she was approaching the whole subject from the wrong angle?

She then started searching for resources and other materials online to help her bring more life into her Maths lessons, things got a bit better, but she knew that something was missing.

Then one night as she scrolled through her phone she saw a write up about Mathematics on a Facebook group she belonged to.

Her eyes popped wide open, she saw possibilities, and began to see so many places where she was going wrong.

Teacher Aderonke took up the offer of doing a ten day course and it changed her perspective about Mathematics and how to teach it.

Now her children love Mathematics, they understand and enjoy her lessons, she has even had to give them extension work from the next class because they had finished and understood all topics at record time!

Teacher Aderonke did the course, An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics just nine months ago, now she has turned into a happy confident teacher of numbers, she has an engaged class of Mathematics enthusiasts and to top it all she now runs a Mathematcs clinic for children in her neighborhood. This brings her in more income than she could ever have imagined possible!

The course: An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics starts 16th May, your investment is N5,000.

Enroll now: http://fpls.in/z9r4z2


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