Tyctr training

Teach Your Child to Read Online Course Are you wondering how to help your child to learn to read? Do you need to find a simple system that works when teaching reading skills? Do you want to improve your teaching skills and success rate with teaching reading skills? If you answer ‘Yes’ to one or … More Tyctr training

So we made it!

So we made it, and as we are thankful for seeing in a new year, let us also work to make this new year the best ever. Are you a parent? Be the best parent you can be to your children. Are you a Montessori parent? Find out what that actually means in reality if … More So we made it!

Educating a Child

Communication is Key. Educating a child is not and never done if we do not pay great attention with empowering the child to develop strong communication skills. I am deeply concerned with the nonchalant attitude of both parents and most especially educators to the problems we face with graduates who cannot write application forms or … More Educating a Child