Montessori at Home

Today we had a wonderful session led by one of our parents. Addlo Montessori Schools has a dedicated event each term called Montessori at Home. Our sessions ensure that we carry our parents along with what and how we engage our children with. It also enables us to help our parents with essential information they … More Montessori at Home

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines today, and we are celebrating. How do we celebrate this special day with our children? Do we sweep it under the carpet or do we intentionally celebrate? The world is changing: This is a story copied from a Facebook wall, it happened in January somewhere in Africa, it could have happened near us … More Valentine’s Day

Reflections 2021

This is a plea to Parents and Educators, all adults at large Why? Violence is on the increase amongst the young amongst us! We must take responsibility to make things right again! So here is my plea: Let’s start grooming our children to embrace a more ethically positive culture. Let us teach our children to … More Reflections 2021