Do children have rights?

Funny question right? Of course children have rights! Nigerian children have rights. Just as every human being has rights so does the child. But I ask this question with a heavy heart. Why? Well, the truth is no one really takes time out to consider this seriously. We may sometimes look at this from the … More Do children have rights?


Montessori for Parents

Someone asked a very important question about why parents may not like Montessori schools which is resulting in some Montessori schools actually dropping everything Montessori and going traditional! I could therefore think and name this article “In Defence of Montessori”. But I am well aware that if truth be told Montessori as a method of … More Montessori for Parents

Classroom Management 101

How to manage student behaviour. Stop Using the Cane 4 Managing student behaviour is a very important aspect of the job of any teacher. The professional teacher, is in the classroom because he/she wants to impact the lives of children in their classroom.  Ultimately, the child needs to learn different skills. Learning cannot happen in … More Classroom Management 101

So we made it!

So we made it, and as we are thankful for seeing in a new year, let us also work to make this new year the best ever. Are you a parent? Be the best parent you can be to your children. Are you a Montessori parent? Find out what that actually means in reality if … More So we made it!