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1. The Professional Online Montessori Course

Are you interested in working with children but don’t know where to start?

Are you a teacher stuck in a job you love but know there is more to educating children than what you are able to give them right now?

Are you a school owner or intending to be one and you need clarity with your teaching style and want to use the Montessori Method?

If any of these apply to you

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2. The Montessori Teacher  Online Program

Be transformed into a dynamic Montessori Directress, with our online program that trains and coaches you to become a World-class teacher. Be transformed into impacting lives with this Early Foundation years online program. It concentrates on the 3  to 6 years but we help you see how to use Montessori philosophy beyond the early years.

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3. The Montessori Primary Program

This is new and very special. A lot of people think that Montessori is just for Nursery School aged children. Addlo Montessori Training Center is ready to show you that there is much more goodness coming from the Montessori way of educating children. If you think the 3 to 6 program is wonderful, wait until you experience the Montessori Primary Program.

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You Too Can Become a Successful Montessori Educator

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