The Montesdori School Academy

I have always thought that our Education sector needs a revamping. More so our Montessori schools. Some of us are lucky to have Heads of School who know that Montessori is much more than using Phonics to teach reading skills. There are also School owners who are prepared to spend good money on Montessori materials. … More The Montesdori School Academy

The Montessori Way 4

The Primary Aged Child In the previous posts, about The Montessori way, we considered the basic Montessori principles that make the method still relevant to our education system and discussions. We have also considered the preschool child’s needs and how to meet them as they develop. In this post, we will look at the Primary … More The Montessori Way 4

Teacher Aderonke

Teacher Aderonke Akeredolu loved her job as a Nursery 2 teacher and she also loved working with children. Singing songs and telling stories was her strong point and the children loved coming to school mainly because of those stories. She even learnt how to teach children to read and it has made all the difference … More Teacher Aderonke