The Montesdori School Academy

I have always thought that our Education sector needs a revamping. More so our Montessori schools.

Some of us are lucky to have Heads of School who know that Montessori is much more than using Phonics to teach reading skills.

There are also School owners who are prepared to spend good money on Montessori materials.

Yet even with these lucky establishments you find have their own peculiar problems, such as getting trained staff who will stay the course learn about Montessori Education and build up the school.

The few with trained staff still struggle with finding harmony amongst their trained staff!

Why? The difference in training.

We’ve got to find a balance.

Other Montessori schools exist as such simply because they have a signboard outside that claims they are a Montessori school. They have absolutely nothing to show except the name, and they use the name because it is in fashion right now, just as ‘International School’ was in vogue a few years ago.

Yet it is right to say, there are some schools in the middle of this spectrum, they love the Montessori Method and believe that it is the way forward, yet they are missing the skills, the know-how and the most problematic of all, the funds to equip the school with Montessori materials and teachers to get the work done.

The solution to these problems can be found in The Montessori School Academy.

This program can also serve as a great starting point as a parent and intentional teacher.

You will get 6 core lessons to understanding Montessori as an Educator

  1. Montessori Philosophy
  2. The Montessori Child
  3. The Montessori Teacher
    4.The Montessori Environment
  4. The Montessori Materials ( Do it yourself suggestions – the pros and con’s.
  5. The Montessori Curriculum

Then we have the Gold Program which would include 3 more lessons and 2 one-on-one sessions.

  1. The Montessori Parent
  2. Managing a Montessori School
  3. Transforming your school.
    You will also get
    A one hour session – Montessori transformation consultation for your school

A up to 2-hour Coaching session on clarity and goals.

A Fully loaded Montessori curriculum for Preschool

We are running this Hybrid PROGRAM at a discounted rate.
Register and pay before June 15th to get the full discount.

We will show you how to turn your Montessori school around.

Special Discounted Price for MNR members Apply:
Full Investment price is N120,000

Discounted price for this batch of students is N50,000

Early Bird N30,000

After 15th June Price is N50,000

Gold price Early bird is N60,000

After 15th June it will be N80,000

We start 17th June

To apply to the academy, please fill in the form below.


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