Hello, I’m back.

  I promised myself that I would get back to the blog today unfailingly. So I am glad that I am able to keep this promise to myself. A few minutes ago I checked my last post and it was about the Language and Communication program. I just posted the last resource book this afternoon. … More Hello, I’m back.

The Language and Communication Program

The Language and Communication program starts on Saturday 21st March 2019. “Failure to execute” is one of the biggest problems in organizations today. Many people confuse activity with accomplishment. They talk continually, hold endless meetings and make wonderful plans, but, in the final analysis, no one does the job and gets the results required. Brian … More The Language and Communication Program

The Engaged Learner

Children who are involved and engaged in their learning are joyful learners. Producing joyful learners is one of the halmarks of the Montessori method. To produce joyful learners one must really know and understand the child. The nursery school child is your 3 to 6 year old who learns through the senses trying to construct … More The Engaged Learner