The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

For an adult to be prepared, fully prepared, to succeed in our socially global settings of today’s world, it is important to have a the ability to control our emotions. This in the fullness of all its capabilities, is referred to as Emotional Intelligence. Sometimes it is considered a soft skill and erroneously considered inferior … More The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

How History and Geography Prepares the Child

History and Geography are very important subjects which should be central to the education of our children. Unfortunately until quite recently these subjects were effectively removed or watered down in both primary and secondary curriculum. In the Montessori setting though, these subjects form a very important part of the Nursery Curriculum (3 to 6 years) … More How History and Geography Prepares the Child

What a child needs

One of the main problems we have as parents is not truly understanding the needs of our children. It is not uncommon for a parent to think that meeting their child’s basic needs only includes food, shelter and paying school fees. The more affluent ones will add a whole range of material goods to the … More What a child needs