Educating a Child

Communication is Key. Educating a child is not and never done if we do not pay great attention with empowering the child to develop strong communication skills. I am deeply concerned with the nonchalant attitude of both parents and most especially educators to the problems we face with graduates who cannot write application forms or … More Educating a Child

Are we Rushians?

Yes that’s right Rushians? I do not claim to be the inventor of this pun. Our dear Prof. Wole Soyinka was the first person I remember asking this question a long time ago. Then it was our inability to take our turn in a queue that was the problem, but now it’s the explosive situation … More Are we Rushians?

Back To School

School is about to start and a new session for the children and schools is taking place. Parents are preparing so are the schools and the children. This weekend lots of finishing touches are being put into place if the recession has permitted…. Here are a few salient points to help you as you return … More Back To School