The Importance of Classroom decoration: A Montessori Perspective

At the beginning of each new term, or session we spend a lot of time and money on decorating our classrooms, do we not? Let’s examine this practice with a Montessori lens… In the Montessori setting we talk about the Prepared Environment and not just a classroom. This environment has several aspects: The physical, material/intellectual, … More The Importance of Classroom decoration: A Montessori Perspective

Reflections 2021

This is a plea to Parents and Educators, all adults at large Why? Violence is on the increase amongst the young amongst us! We must take responsibility to make things right again! So here is my plea: Let’s start grooming our children to embrace a more ethically positive culture. Let us teach our children to … More Reflections 2021

Science is Important

Happy World Science Day. We must always make sure our children see the inter-relationships in life and the science in it. Science is important. Science can be described as the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the natural and physical world through observation and experiment. For a child to understand a lot of … More Science is Important