Montessori Moments

I will be sharing some observations that captured my attention in the last few weeks.

Montessori is not an old educational system, it is alive, and it works

I am in Spain observing a Montessori 6-9 class in session.

It is wonderful to behold.

A large spacious classsroom with just one Medium sized board. All that gets written on it each day is the date, and this is written by a child in the class.

Yet the children have lots of written work they produce daily in their own words.

They do not copy notes from the board neither does the teacher dictate her notes to them!

When I encourage us to let the children write their own notes… We think I am speaking Greek!

Montessori works.

Neither is a classroom defined by large blackboards!

These confident, great communicators, and thinkers, we are working with do not need the copywriting technique.

Montessori provides what is needed, the Montessori way.

Want to find out more?

Join the first batch of Montessori Academy 2
( An introduction to Montessori Primary) This is for Elementary Class.

We start on March 27th 2023.

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