Montessori Primary


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The Montessori Primary Program

Addlo Montessori Training Center is excited in being able to offer this program, as we know it will fill the gap and provide you with answers to your questions on how to best meet the needs of your Primary School aged children.

The Montessori Primary Program delves deeply into understanding the child in the Second Plane of development, specifically the 6 to 12 years child.

Modules will include:

A.  Child Development

B. Montessori Philosophy 201

C. The Great Lessons   

D. Cosmic Education Integration into the Curriculum

E. Language Development

F. Mathematics

This is going to cover the broad and specific concepts for educating a child for 6 years, the Montessori curriculum, materials and philosophy behind the what you will be doing with the children in your setting.

The duration is for 8 months.

We start 9th March 2020 –

Section 1.  – Child Development, Philosophy, The Great Lessons and Cosmic Education – Online

Section 2 – Primary Language Development – Online

Section 3  – Primary Mathematics- Online

Section 4. – July 2020 – Primary Apparatus Training and exam

12 days in Lagos. (This section can precedes the ones above as we only have one of these sessions and only in Lagos each year)

You are expected to have a good foundation in Montessori 3 to 6 years at least. ( If not you may opt to start with The Montessori Teacher or The Professional Montessori Educator Program)

The investment for Montessori Primary  is N500,000 no N350,000.

There is provision for installment payments.

1 full payment of N350,000 (Month 1)

2 payments: 1 x N190,000 and 1 x N170,000 (Month 1 and 3)

3 payments: 2 x N150,000 adn 1x N70,000 (Month 1, 3, and 6)

To apply for a place in this program please Click Here