It’s all about the stories

I love to hear about things that happened long ago.

‘Long ago’ is not just about times when my Dad and Mom were little like me, I’m talking about hundreds, thousands and even millions of years ago!

My name is Ayodeji Omolola, I am 8 years old and in Primary 3.

I love going to school, everyday I get to learn something new, not because our teacher dictates to us about what to learn and what to write, but because Mrs Adeleye tells us so many interesting stories!

Then I can go and find out more in books and online, we then present our findings to the whole class. I get to learn so much more this way.

Life is so interesting. There are so many new things to find out every single day.

Last week we heard a story about the beginning of life on earth.


So many organisms have lived and been created.

I looked into this a bit more this weekend and found out something interesting.

Did you know that some animals do not see colour as we do?

Some see more, some see less!

I am going to research a bit more about this.

I think it might be an interesting project, don’t you?

This is how the mind of a Primary school aged child works.

We need to understand them better to enable them reach their fullest potential.

It is important to let our children think and reason, this is when real learning occurs.

Good morning, this is your Mama Monte.

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