Homeschooling Mums story

My name is Adeyinka Olawoye, I am a mum of two lovely children. Ade is 4 years old and his sister Nike is just 2. My husband has struggled a lot to support my strong will about homeschooling the children.

He has always said he did not want me working, I was to stay home and look after the children. I did not mind this so much as I always thought I would run a business from home, I love buying and selling. I can sell anything, I have done so since I was a child and I have continued to do so.

Staying home meant that I had the most influence on my children and not a housemaid. I studied Food Technology at Uni and I know I will use that knowledge someday, but first I wanted to take care of the children.

I have been homeschooling my boy, Ade, for a year now. At first I was a bit nervous. I had started teaching him 123 and ABC, it was all going OK but something in my guts told me I could do better. So I started asking questions from friends and teachers around. I was aware that my husband was watching and he would probably insist on sending him off to school if he smelt a rat. I needed to get confident about what I was doing.

When I got no joy from asking people questions, I took to the internet and started researching, it took a while but I found what has now helped me scale the ride and given me the success of homeschooling my child, who at four can do lots of number operations with ease and has started reading as well.

When I found the course: An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics, I had my doubts, it was too affordable, if you know what I mean. To teach my child basic skills I would expect to pay at least N20,000 if not N50,000 plus, but under N10,000!

I am glad I did not skip it and sign up for something more expensive, because this one has given me so much more adequate and appropriate steps to take with Ade. His father is so happy with the progress he is making and so there is no talk of going to school at least until he is ready for primary school.

It is so easy to think that homeschooling is easy and all we need to do is teach 123 and ABC’s and expect the children to know it all.

I am teaching my child to grasp the idea of multiplication right now but we are using objects, stories and repeated addition.

If you are thinking of homeschooling your children please try this couse it will make a big difference for you and your child.


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