The Montessori Way 1

The Montessori way is a method of educating a child that I believe we need to look at more closely.

Not doing this means we are seriously leaving too much on the table.

Unfortunately, the world can no longer afford to do this. We can see the effects of our conventional methods of education on society!

Honestly, do we think that the horrors and the problems we have seen among our young ones are devoid of the failures of our educational systems?

I don’t.

You get what you plant.

Mankind has used their brains and hands to creatively enable us to solve so many problems in life. Solutions that enable our children to want for nothing.

They eat, drink, and are clothed and sheltered without having to do anything.

It is so easy for life to go by and not to be driven by anything to enable the child to grow up with a vision and a mission.

Montessori does it differently and in the next weeks, I want to take us on a journey to see what the Montessori method can do for you, your child, your school and our society.

Stay tuned.


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