Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentines today, and we are celebrating.

How do we celebrate this special day with our children?

Do we sweep it under the carpet or do we intentionally celebrate?

The world is changing:

This is a story copied from a Facebook wall, it happened in January somewhere in Africa, it could have happened near us too!

3 hours ago a stranger died in my arms enroute to the hospital in the back of a cab. I came out of the banking hall to find this middle aged man passed out beside the bolt I went there with. About 15 people had gathered around him offering no help. Some saying he was a drunk others prescribing what should be done but never lifted a finger. I put this man into a recovery position few minutes later he came around after I washed his face with water.

I poured some water into my cusped palms and he drunk from it. I got another satchet, sat him up and he finished all in a flash. I tried to engage him asking about his name and place he came from. He had orientation and gave those details. Some few minutes later I picked him up and placed him on the bank’s security’s chair. Someone said she knew him and was going to call his sister, we waited for about 15min then I realised his eyes rolling back and he was having fits. I made the bolt driver stop a taxi cos a bank client had parked behind us. We carried him into the taxi and sped off asking the bolt driver to meet me at the Ghapoha hospital.

I tried frantically to keep him awake but unfortunately he died in my arms. I have cried so much today. Aside the fact that he drank his last water from me I AM APPALLED AT HOW LOW HUMANITY HAS GOTTEN. Even animals stay with their kind in hardships. How can human beings act this way? If only I had come out a bit earlier from the banking hall he might still be alive today. I asked God to forgive him when he was giving up the ghost. I watched and prayed every second of the way to the hospital.

Unfortunately he was pronounced dead on arrival. This world keeps getting sad everyday. I don’t know how the generations ahead will be but its a sad sight to see what we do to and against each other nowadays. Drunkard or not he’s God’s child as well. Religion doesn’t mean anything if we can’t love each other here on earth.


Let’s teach our children right, regardless of all the reds and gifts!

Try this:

Please teach the children:

  1. To love themselves, care for themselves, eat well and keep clean. Not to take too much of anything or join in in practices that can cause them harm. ( I heard that things are getting so bad that 6 to 7 year olds are now smoking weed in Lagos). – let’s talk to our Parents about talking to their children constantly and watch their associations.
  2. To love their family: they are the closest people to them. Discuss how they can care for their family and the importance of family.
  3. To love their friends, school and community.
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 with Primary School children and discuss.

You can add-on little projects

  1. Making Cards
  2. Writing a letter
  3. Drawing pictures
  4. Writing a story or a poem.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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