An Interesting conversation with a child

Some children love dinosaurs

So I had a very interesting conversation with one of our children yesterday after school.

I have missed these talks, and for a child some experts would say is lacking in social skills etc, he was holding his own regally, as we discussed.

I knew that he was interested in dinosaurs, if anyone gives a blank statement that our children are not interested in dinosaurs, please think again.

Once he got one of the new books about prehistoric animals in his hands, and started exploring it, he began talking about the different dinos, where they lived, what they ate, and then we moved up the ladder to fossils found, DNA experiments, and hypothesis involving dinos!

So I asked him in the end how he knew about all these things, his answer:

‘I use my Mummy’s phone to research.’

He knows how to research and knows what that means…

While some want to stop their children from using a phone and technology in general, and some want them to use it for playing games mainly, this young lad, 8 years old, spends his time researching about dinosaurs online.

That is his interest and passion, and his depth of knowledge is astounding.

An Innovative adult would find it very easy to help this child blossom regardless….

He is in his prime of doing big work… most children between 6-12 relish being able to follow their interests in this way. It is important to let them do this, is it not?


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