Dance and the Child

For a long while I have been convinced that the child has been robbed of the joy of dance and dancing.

Have you watched children dance? You either get those who are well versed in the art of street dance vibes or the other extreme of not knowing where the left or right foot should be or do!

I have noted with dismay that a lot of our children can no longer dance to the beat!

It is possible that I am not seeing the full picture, so I stand to be corrected.

It does make sense though since we generally seem to concentrate on academics rather than building the whole child.

Our children have been learning different songs from various cultures in the land. We brought in drums and in general we have seen avast improvement in the children’s dance skills.

We do not want them in o just gain academically and then miss out on those other aspects that make us Nigerian.

Let our children dance!


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