Children, dinosaurs,and big projects

About the dinosaur talk….So fast forward to this morning, there was a big buzz in the school as the children in the Upper and Lower Primary classes, held their first debate practice.

That was just the beginning… the children proceeded to provide vast accounts about dinosaurs.

Primary aged children are cabsnle of engaging in large projects and our children showed us they were in their element.

After the general presentation the Upper zprimary brought it all home with a story they wrote in collaboration.

Talk about teamwork.

Honestly I am so proud of them.

Now all the children want to present their own different topics and we have now made a list.

Please don’t be fooled, children will be children, white or black and everything in between. They love dinosaurs just like their western counterparts.

My children have proved this.

One of them wants to resurrect dinosaurs and he is very serious!

The list they made included robotics, sharks, Monsters and dinasours, dogs, cats, ants and other insects….

It’s time to really work on our communication skills… and we will, with discussions, debates and presentations…

Watch this space


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