The Study of Literature in Schools

What books do our children read?

When do children start studying Literature?

These questions and more have been on my mind for a while now.

So before I start getting comprehension passages as one of the answers, may I respectfully disagree that this will not serve our children well as the study of Literature!

As useful as comprehension passages are, and it’s study in the classroom, may I just say that we are leaving too much on the table, if we do not read books, literature; study and learn to review, and discuss them even, in the primary school!

We spend so much time learning or cramming to pass exams, that we leave the joy of just learning lost and thrown to the wind!

African literature has suffered a big blow, yet there is a revival happening, new authors are arising and taking their place.

Have you read any African literature, children’s books category, lately?

Any book worthy of being on the reading list of our children?

Please drop us the name and author below.

Thank you 😊


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