Science in Our Classrooms

This is a very exciting, but busy time for me as I try to complete the Montessori School Project: Science in our Classrooms…

We all want our children to be global leaders in our internationally closely knit society of the 21st century.

They can achieve this and more through the intentional use of technology.

As parents and educators though, we must be aware that our children need to be creative, thinkers and innovators, the use of computers or knowledge of how to code is not enough. There is more fundamental work to be done before technology takes proper root.

We need to start from the very beginning, the roots: the building blocks is nature, exploration and discovery. Learning how to communicate what is discovered in many diverse and useful ways.

The science experience in our classrooms is the best building block to enable our children rise above the mundane.

So get ready for the exciting implementation journey of good scientific processes in our schools.

It can only get better.


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