Children need to understand their world

There is this boy I know, his name is Ladejo, he is 7 years old and he loves digging up dirt, removing stones, and old snail shells from the earth while asking lots of questions about what he has found.

His mum is always complaining, saying that he wastes a lot of time playing outside, and does not spend enough time studying.

Now there is this other 8 year old girl, Sola, she is always in the backyard shed, pulling a toy or old gadget to pieces and putting it all back again.

Her dad’s take on it is this: she needs to put her mind more into studying and not playing with toys.

What do you think?

Children need to explore, don’t they?

They need to ask questions, or should they not?

Wouldn’t it be great if children are allowed to discover answers to their questions as they strive to understand their world.

It is quite possible to aid this need of all children by providing great hands-on experiences for them.

Would you like to do this?

The Science Curriculum from Addlo Montessori Training Center provides a structured exploration of topics and activities for children, both Preschool and Primary levels, and it is loading…

Stay tuned.


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