Montessori Is Special

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There are many arguments against the Montessori Method, it’s too old, very expensive, can’t work in Nigeria, too soft on children, etc. The only problem with the negative standpoint is that the same can be said of many forms of formal educational methods. For me Montessori is special. It makes sense, children are happy learning with this method, and what else do you want. They can think for themselves, communicate properly, they understand concepts better, the teacher is not stressed. I can go on and on. And I want to.

When I came across it and really understood what Montessori stood for I was shocked. My children had already been to a Montessori school a few years before. I remember the Head Teacher trying to explain that they do things differently in the school. I don’t really think I understood anything she was saying, at least not to any extent that I now know and understand the method. I have always wondered why I did not get it them even though my children were in a Montessori school, the answers to that question are thoughts for another day.

One thing I will say though is that running a Montessori school is not about the Materials or the name on the signpost outside. It is all about the philosophy, the ethos and most importantly the heart of those nurturing the children.

I love Montessori because once the teachers imbibe the heart of Montessori, the children are set on a wonderful, joyful journey to learn. The change in the teachers must be constant to ensure that the goals of Montessori for the child are achieved.

Montessori is special because the child is happy.

Montessori is special because the child learns the way God meant them to learn.

Montessori is special because the child is developing holistically.

Montessori is special because the child becomes confident and self-sufficient.

Montessori is special because this method continuously helps the child become a problem solver and someone who thinks outside the box.

Montessori is special because it helps parents become better attuned to understanding their child.

Montessori is special because it gives useful parenting skills that can help build great successful relationships between the parent and child.

Montessori is special because it trains teachers to educate children without stress

Montessori is special because it motivates teachers to become adults who impact their worlds positively.

Montessori is so special because it encourages peace in the world, where we constantly see war, distrust, and disunity at play.

Montessori is so special because this method can help revolutionize our education system if only we truly woke up and thought outside of the box and put changes in place to help us. Why do we always have to reinvent the wheel? The answer is already with us!

So many benefits for the child, parent, teachers, and society at large, but we need adults both teachers and parents who understand Montessori in order to help our children become everything they can be. We also need a government willing to stand up, listen, plan and implement change.

I personally cannot make sense of a world that refuses to use what has worked so well to help change their failing educational systems. Even if all we did was but just a fee principles of Montessori into play in our schools we would make progress. Obviously, training is needed, teachers and parents who understand and get it.

Montessori is special, too special to ignore there are lots of training opportunities out there to help you get to grips and understand why Montessori is special. I hope that your interest has been stirred enough to make you want to find out more. Trust me it is worth it, as a teacher, parent, school owner or government official. Do your research and you may be very surprised that the cost can be controlled, but the benefits are just too important to be ignored. Yes, Montessori is Special.


2 thoughts on “Montessori Is Special

  1. Please MA, it’s there any special session for the early education Montessori training. I would like to know and also if the 12months duration can be maximally folded into few months that is not online basically. Thank you MA. I await a speedy response MA.


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