Finding Solutions

Thinking Outside the Box


The in thing in Nigeria or the buzz word of 2016 was to think outside the box. I do hope that with the coming of 2017 we have not brushed this aside as just another good idea that won’t work.

I have been back in Nigeria for just over a week and now for just over a week, there has been no electricity supply at all! Not even a little tiny wink to say ‘Hi, I’m still here for you!’ OK, I know that some places have experienced this same supply problem for over 3 months, so I should not complain. I understand and truly this is not a complaint or a whine over the issue. But is this right? Should we just accept this as the norm and do nothing?

Our children are continuously made to memorize concepts without understanding, an educational system that churns out graduates who for the most part have little practical understanding of how to apply the knowledge they have gained into their daily practical experiences.

We have been running a system so corrupt that if you do not take a slice of the national cake when you get the opportunity there must certainly be something wrong with your head. Or is it the fast paced idea that we need and must make money fast. Becoming rich, wealthy, loaded by whichever means is the order of the day. Sometimes we want something and instead of going out there and making the effort to get what we want, it has now become the norm to sit back and expect others to beg us to get it for ourselves.

Do we even feel secure anymore? Kidnapping has become another norm, in the bid of getting rich and taking what is not theirs, while endangering the lives of others, sometimes the lives of children. Why, O why must we continue to live like this? It is now time we started to think outside of the box and make a point of finding solutions to these important issues that plague us. I know we will find those solutions and overcome because our nation is made up of fine intelligent beings. Those who are in positions of trust and know what they ought to do, should, therefore, please start doing it now!

Each of us should in our little way make a difference by providing services that will bring honour to our nation and honest food to our tables. Yes, there is a recession, but I know we will overcome even this.

Someone, who is not a Nigerian looked at our electricity problem and collaborated with MTN to bring us an affordable solution in the solar panels powered by the sun and MTN rechargeable sims! Now that is thinking outside the box.

You may ask what is my contribution to the nation, how am I thinking outside the box? Addlo Montessori School House is part of my answer to the situation in the country. Children must grow up to be confident, happy learners. Learning by understanding and not memorization without understanding is the bedrock of our method.

Another part of my answer and contribution of solutions is Addlo Montessori Training Center, the transformational haven for teachers and schools. When we understand what we are supposed to be really doing with our children and they have classrooms and schools that are truly a place of fun and learning, helping our children to understand that they have a contribution to make in their communities and in the nation. Yes, these are small contributions, but every little effort helps.

Our purpose is important, finding solutions to the problems that face each generation is key, the generations before may have failed us in this nation, but you do not need to fail the next generation, so what will your personal solution be?

If you are a teacher or school owner check our Training Pages to see if we are the right fit for you. If not find your right fit and move forward to providing a solution to help us out of no light, no morals, no security and a failing educational system amongst other things.

If you are a parent who wants to help your child develop good communication and especially reading skills then get our e-book, Teach Your Child To Read.

Please let us know what personal solutions you are bringing to the table, or what you are planning to do to contribute your quota so that our nation can flourish again.


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