The 3 Day Montessori Challenge Ends


The Addlo Montessori Challenge came to an end today. It has been a time of refreshing. Thank you so much to them many scores or you who took part. Today more than ever showed me up as a none technical person. The point is the people who took part can come away saying they gained so new insight into what makes Montessori so unique.

A recap of the challenge:

Day 1, we spent time talking and learning about who Maria Montessori was and what her work was all about. I was very impressed with the quality of work done by the participants. Maria Montessori worked with children, observed them and came up with a method based on what she had learned about children. We tried to reverse this to learn about Maria Montessori and her method.

Day 2, we were able to turn the things we learned about her method around and see how we could make changes in our lives so that learning became more practical and activity based rather than academic and memorization based.

Day 3, we looked at the environment, what it consists of and how we can use it to help the child if we prepare ourselves. As adults, we must prepare ourselves for the task ahead.

There is still a lot to be done today but I wanted you to know that the challenge ended with a special offer. Key into it now if you have been looking forward to starting to study with us.

You have been given a discount of N15,000 or more, there is a catch, though. Find out more at Montessori Nigeria Resources  Day 3 video of The Montessori Challenge


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