Training Montessori Teachers Online

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Will it Work?

Training Montessori Teachers Online for many years has been very unpopular. There are so many arguments against going down this route and the main reason is because of the hands-on materials that the teacher will need to present to her students.

The materials are not common in other methods, especially the Sensorial Education and Mathematics subject areas. So contemplating learning online is immediately frowned upon. But I can tell you categorically that a good online program may be what you need to up your game and change your status as a wanna-be teacher, to a world class Montessori Guide/Directress within a short time. Good online training programs will always include an Apparatus Training Module offline.

The reality staring us in the face is the recession. To train offline costs much more money. Sometimes unaffordable fees. Late nights in traffic, daily transportation costs as well should be taken into account. You will need to come for your Apparatus Training and do your Teaching Practice, apart from that everything else is online.

Yet all you would really need for online training is your phone, iPad or laptop and an internet connection. If you already own and use these then all the better for you.

I know online training works because though I started my training in Montessori Education in a traditional training center offline, I have gained my knowledge and expertise in the field through several online portals and training.

It works, training online as a Montessori Teacher works, because you learn the same thing on and offline. At Addlo we help build the community of learners so you are not alone, If you live far from any training center, or you are married with children, or you just have other commitments and want to train, this is a better option than not doing anything at all.

Addlo Montessori is about to start off the second batch of 2017 Professional Diploma in Montessori Education, find out more here and enroll now. Classes start 27th March.


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