3 Montessori Inspired Baby Care Tips

3Montessori Inspired Tipsfor your baby

Child Development- 3 Montessori-Inspired Baby Care Tips

Educating a child starts at birth and not on the first day of school. Since one of the first things that got my attention with the Montessori Method was the deep understanding of the child, I have started my posts about child development with the infant – How to help your baby. This week we are going to be expanding this topic and look at 3 important Montessori inspired actions you might want to take to help your baby in adapting to her new environment.

  1. If you are beginning to understand the Montessori way of looking at things, you would know that observing, respecting and preparing the environment for the child is paramount. So with the newborn, we would want the child to be as comfortable as possible. We do not want too much of a shock to her system as the child transitions from the womb to the outside world. So our solution is to provide an environment that is similar. We already talked about this last week, but the point I want to make here is the kind of cloth, the materials we use for beddings, and how we keep the child warm. Swaddling the child in blankets is not the best. Why? In the womb, your child was free to move about and move her limbs and body at will, but now all the blanket does is restrict all movement! This is not smooth transitioning, it’s frustrating and so unfair to your newborn. So please if you really want to help your child, think again before you just copy and do all things baby you have been used to in the past. Another important thing is the kind of blankets you use to carry the baby. Is it soft, smooth or harsh on the skin of the child? Anything unsuitable would irritate your child’s skin. There is something I know that is used a lot now by Montessori Mothers called the topponcino, made of cotton and wool it is not a wrap but is flexible enough to use as a mat and a carry-cloth when you pass the baby to others. You may want to visit the following page to see how easy it is to make a topponcino: https://thefullmontessori.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/topponcino-tutorial/
  2. Please help by keeping your baby’s hands, free, no gloves or other wraps around them. Why? Well because to start with the child used these same hands to soothe herself while in the womb. The baby uses the hands and fingers to acquire tactile knowledge, as she learns about the environment. I know we think that wrapping their hands is an answer to sucking thumbs, but it’s not and never will. Instead, this act creates a big problem for the normal learning process of your child to proceed as God intended. Let babies use their hands as they will as they start life, for them, it’s a learning tool, so also is the mouth.
  3. It’s all about love, spend the first few weeks of your newborn babies time on earth getting to know her, love, cuddle, speak and play with her. Everyone in the family should be involved. This is a bonding time. It flies by so quickly why would you not want to all get to set a wonderful bond with your new baby. The warmth and love from humans will help your baby to adjust quickly to life on earth. The foundations laid now will have great and positive effects on the future of the child. A none loving environment is a negative place to bring up a child. It opens the child up to predators as well, be the one to provide the loving bond they need, please do not leave this to nannies and others to do for you. Be intentional as you help your newborn baby adjust to life here on earth.

I hope that these three tips have given you food for thought and that your baby will have great experiences born out of these Montessori inspired tips.

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