Teach Your Child to Read Online Course


Teach Your Child to Read Online Course will start in just one day! I am really excited that this course is finally going to launch. It has been a concern of mine that children are sometimes robbed of this gift of mankind, the ability to decode the written word and delve into the minds of the past and present. An ability that is peculiar to mankind alone!

There are many children in our nation who are about to sit for external exams to either get into secondary school or move to senior secondary schools and yet they cannot really read! How on earth are they going to pass? How did they get to where they are at in the first place? Attempting to answer these two questions may be a matter for another day. But for now a solution to make sure that the coming generations may get a chance not to enter the same  train is here.

Te goal is to ensure that both Parents and teachers learn how to successfully teach a child the basic fundamentals of reading so that they can read well and become part of the success story of the literate world of human beings.

If you are interested in finding out how to truly engage and help children to learn good reading skills then please Register Here

You will be sent a link so that you can join the Facebook platform where the Course will be held. Tell your friends whom you know are Teachers and Parents who would be interested in getting this information.

The course is free but may not remain so for very long.

Go to the Registration Form and Register


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