Educating a Child

Communication is Key.

Educating a child is not and never done if we do not pay great attention with empowering the child to develop strong communication skills.
I am deeply concerned with the nonchalant attitude of both parents and most especially educators to the problems we face with graduates who cannot write application forms or speak coherently in proper grammatical terms.
We need help.
If all we do at Preschool is teach our children to speak right, start learning to read and write, add unto this a healthy understanding of quantity with the ability to count and top this up with an age appropriate understanding of the world and the environment, then we can be rest assured that our children will reach great heights.
As we start preparing for 2018, lets be intentional in how we spend our days with our children, with how we educate our young ones.
Advice for me and for you: Keep your eyes on the Big Picture.
Communication is Key;

5 Things you can do:

1. Read to your Child daily
2. Be intentional in sharing a new word a day with your child
3. Sing lots of songs, nursery rhymes, they are magical tools for building communication skills and vocabulary.
4. Do a lot of role playing : short drama skits, children love this. e.g. David and Goliath. How to introduce your friends to your parents when they come visiting.
5. Tell them folk tales and get them to tell you stories too.

We need to make building communication skills a big key in the lives of our children.

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