Phonics and Reading

What has phonics got to do with it?

Phonics some believe is the beginning of the journey to learning how to read. As much as I agree that it is an important skill to help the child acquire and understand. It is not the first and only skill children need.

To teach a child to read requires so many different tools for the whole process to come alive and succeed.

The goal is not just to be able to read mechanically so to speak, but to be able to encourage the child to grow into a person who loves to read and passes on the love of reading to the coming generations.

Reading transends being able to understand the symbols on a page.

Reading makes leaders more readily than any other pastime. (So parents be careful what we give our children as presents. All these gadgets are not the best. They need to read …)

They need to acqire language in every sense of the word.

They need to understand the ideas of others, and be able to effectively communicte their own thoughts as well.

We must therfore fill the air with language to start with so they can understand what they read.

Yes, as adults, phonics may be the missing link we think we need to teaching a child to read, but I can tell you there is a lot more besides the aforementioned.

The book Teach Your Child to Read takes you on a step by step journey so you know exactly what to do.

For more hands on help with showing parents and teachers the skills they require to achieve aucess in teaching a child how to read, join our online course now.

Teach Your Child to Read Online course provides you with the processes and resources you need to help you reach your ultimate goal: Teaching reading skills sucessfully.










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