Children always learn what they live

In just about a week Miss Success Adegor became a junior celebrity as a video of her took centre stage and the world reacted.

For those of us who missed it, let’s do a short recap.

Success was sent home for not paying some fees. So instead of contacting the parents our child was sent home.

It seems that the choices were there, but a decision was made for her anyway.

She was sent home instead of being beaten with a cane for a crime that was not hers.

She may have not been beaten on this particlar day, but from her statements you can be rest assured she has tasted the brunt of the cane many times over.

Success though seems to have prefered to be beaten instead of being sent home.

At least that is what an initial perusal of the situation seems to indicate.

I want to take this opportunity as many have also done to thank Mr. Ayemidejor for reaching out to pay her fees and that he did not just hand out fish for dinner, but is actively trying to help the family find their feet.

But you know me… I can’t just let this pass without mentioning the use of the cane once again.

Please watch the video and see what Success has to say

…De cane go tire, dey go tire for flogging, den go flog flog flog, … as dey say de stuborn I go show dem say I stuborn pass dem.


So much fight in our child. She is a star, a fighter.

Yet I dear say, some may have found Success’s attitude and response to her predicament unpalatable, even rude.

In her defence though, may I say our children are certainly just learning to respond to life as they live it.

What do I mean by this?

Her parents are unable to pay some levies and so she gets beaten up and sent out of school!

Really, what do you think is going on in the minds of the affected child?

It’s a hostile world, and yes the child will fight back.

We insist on using that cane, it is a tool for discipline right?

The child said, the cane will get tired, they will get tired, I am stuborn!

It is very important to smell the coffee. From the very mouth of an innocent child comes the beginnings of the rumbling…

This cane business cannot help us achieve our goals.

We know that the adults are responsible for the child’s well being and upkeep.

Children cannot pay school fees or levies!

Before I start getting comments about her school being a free public school, I already know that.

I also know that a lot of private schools put the children through a lot of torture because of school fees.

Face the parents instead or get ready for the rebellion.

Using the cane or sending them home is hostile, they will therefore get to a point where they will react: fight back.

Children always give back what they get. They live what they learn. We must use better tools to guide the young.

There is a petition on right now. We want to end all forms of child abuse in our schools.

If you are yet to do so please sign the petition to end violence in our schools.

We will work and serve our children so that they can reach their fullest potential.

Let’s help our children to learn how to live right.


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