Wonderful Montessori

Sorry folks I have been out of touch for a week now, but for a very good reason

Today I had my final Montessori 9-12 examination.

It was a wonderful experience!

Honestly we mostly went in nervous and apprehensive, but I was amazed as watched each person, ànd then finally myself come out refreshed happy and ready to go forth and deliver to each of our Montessori settings.

This experience made me reflect on the state of examinations in Nigeria.

I personally will be changing not only the way we examine the child but also my Montessori students (the adults) in my settings.

The exams were rigourous and a lot was expected. The scope of the already wide Montessori curriculum was expected to be at the tip of our fingers as well as the knowledge of the materials.

The difference was how this was masterfully teased out by the tasks which were actually our choices in the end.

It was a Montessori examination in scope and heart.

Very practical, but also, it skillfully drew out our understanding of the work we would be doing with the primary aged child.

Feedback was very graciously provided and I left uplifted. It was an examination of learning more instead of one of being drained.

What a wonderful experience.

There is still a lot to learn.

Maths was always like Greek to me, now I can unravel the mysteries and pass on some great skills.

Still loading…

Below I was practicing counting in Base 6 yesterday, but my Exam was actually in base 4…
I was really enjoying myself, though I admit I worked with the materials till I was tired.

Wonderful Montessori.


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