Online Montessori Course

A new cycle of our popular online Montessori Courses, the Professional Montessori Educator and The Montessori Teacher Program are about to start running from 14th October with Ayopeju Falekulo as the course trainer.

When you complete this course you will have a thorough grounding in the Montessori theory relating to the nursery age child, you will be able demonstrate a deep understanding of the development of the 3 to 6 aged child and you will be a proficient guide who can work efficently with a wide range of Montessori nursery materials.

If you opt for the Professional program yould also be able to start and run your own school.

Our entry requirements are very flexible, but we want to work with adults who have a desire to change the narrative, who want to do the work to bring about a solid foundation for the child.

We welcome applications from anyone who is excited in learning how to awaken the child’s interest and who wants to inspire them to learn.

The course is taught online with a few onsite modules.

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