Book Review: The Discipline that Works

Title: The Discipline that Works
Author: Wendy Onyenezi-Ologe
The book The Discipline that Works naturally follows on from Wendy’s first book Connect to Correct, which focuses on how to build great relationships with a child.

Once a parent or adult has worked out the best way to build meaningful relationships, how do you go on to effectively discipline without breaking that bound?

This is the question that the book The Discipline that Works sets out to explain.
In this review we will be looking at Chapter 1: Knowledge is a requirement for discipline.
The chapter starts off with a self-assessment section; it is straight forward and in depth. I am sure that it will make most readers think about and answer this question from the beginning: Is my discipline method with the children effective?
Then the tables turn, and she asks a question about the adults vision for the child and then goes on to ask will our yelling and shouting help the child get to where we want them to get to?
Even if you were the cheerleader of ‘Beating children with the rod is biblical and right’ I think the questions posed should make you think again!
Some of us think that Punishment is what discipline is all about, you will learn that this is not so, instead what you need as an adult looking after a child is knowledge and understanding.
‘Parenting,’ she says,’ is about you, not your child.’
I love this because it helps one figure out where one is at and what one needs to do. The book promises to deliver on disciplining tools that work.
This is definitely going to be one of the recommended books for my Trainee Teachers and The Prepared Adult online course for Parents and Teachers


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