On the Issue of Montessori Materials


It has become a regular occurrence, everywhere you turn there are new Montessori manufacturers on the block.

I am not here to burst your bubble, but I will say this: schools, teachers and parents be on the alert.

Some of our manufacturers do know what they are doing, but to many have no clue at all.

1. They have no idea of why the materials are used, how they are used and what they are used for. Therefore decisions that would deter the child from really learning much are made. Confusing variations in the same set of materials!

2. Some copy materials from the internet, with no idea as to the authenticity of the content. This copy and paste manufacturing may work for them but is it fair to feed our children with low quality content?

3. Montessori materials are beautiful… yet we know that one of our faults in general, is the lack of great finishing with most of our products. The problem with giving our children substandard materials is that we are sending a message to them subconsciously that: badly designed or produced, books and materials are OK.

4. The hallmark of most Montessori materials especially with Sensorial and mathematics is precision. A lot of the materials manufactured, do not take this into account. Which again points to yet another one of our faults – a lack of an eye for detail.

Well, I can only tell you and hope you listen… Montessori may be expensive, but wisdom can help you do it on a shoestring budget ethically, without sending the quality of the education you offer our children down the drain because of cheap and badly made Montessori material.

Am I saying all made in Nigeria Montessori products are bad?

Certainly not.

But I am saying, check well before you spend your hard earned money.

Maybe they, the manufacturers, will take time out to learn about what they are producing if we take a stand.

Even this is bound to help our education sector move forward for the better.



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