How to encourage our children to Read

Reading is a skill that everyone needs.

The benefits of reading and becoming an avid reader are obvious.

There is a common saying:

“Readers are Leaders”

A common question that both teachers and parents ask is:

“How can I help my child/pupils love reading?”

Let’s provide some suggestions below to help with getting us started in the right direction, here are a few of mine:

1. Be a great role model: let the children see you reading constantly and loving it.

2. Read to your children daily from birth, don’t wait. Let’s make it fun though, it is not a chore!

3. Find the interest of the child, a super hero or comic, and get books about this. Read them together.

4. Go to the bookshops and buy new interesting, age appropriate books.

5. Get them to take a book along on long rides.

6. If an author is doing a promotion for example a book signing event, take them along to met the author. It would be a great experience for them.

I am sure there are so many other suggestions that can help our children. Please add yours below in the comment section.



2 thoughts on “How to encourage our children to Read

  1. I’m a certified reading specialist who has taught youth how to read for decades. I can offer that one of the greatest ways to teach a child to read is to read to the child from the day the baby comes home with you. At first it doesn’t matter what you read, your child will pick up the cadence of your reading voice and become familiar with written language. As they grow read to them every day. It’s a bonding time and a shared experience you will cherish forever.

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