Language Communication Skills Program

Lot’s of teachers and school owners ask me for the Montessori Curriculum, some buy it and come back to ask questions about materials, lessons and presentations.

They say to me I now know the sequencing of the lessons but how do I present these lessons,

I love this but I don’t have the materials and I cannot afford them. What do I do….

Lot’s of questions!

Some others ask about training and when I tell them how much the full Diploma program cost they run away.

Well I think we can all relate.

I run too,.. save and watch. Sometimes I am lucky a Black Friday sales offer and I then pay and get that material or course I have been watching for a fraction of the price.

That is what is about to happen right now!

Introducing for the first time our Language and Communication Skills Program.

This is a 8 weeks online course dedicated to learning how to develop Language and Communication skills in the child. This is Language Development in the 3 to 6 Montessori Classroom…

What will we cover?

  1. How to fill the air with Language and why
  2. Developing pre reading skills and activities.
  3. Developing pre writing skills and activities
  4. Building Phonemic Awareness and the games you can use
  5. Phonics a step by step guide to success.
  6. The beginning reader and how to encourage this skill.

You will get a lot of materials to help you on this journey.

This is a course set to change the narrative in your classroom and homes.

The learning outcomes is to show you how to support children to listen, speak, read and write confidently with Montessori tried and tested method.

Our Special offer

This session is intensive and detailed. Valued at N30,000.

Sign up now and get it for


Offer ends when the online course starts on 21st March 2020

This is the only time this Online Course will be offered at this price.

Enroll and pay here


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