Be inspired beyond Covid

Last month Montessori Nigeria Resources Academy, a free Montessori learning center on WhatsApp launched a 3 day workshop session of parents and teachers mainly in Nigeria to help make sense of the new norm during the Covid – 19 pandemic.

Lots of people have lost their jobs or are not getting paid, especially within the Education sector. What do you do? Start begging or do you look within and find a new way to put food on the table?

Ona Kan o woja was our way of helping people find a new lease of life and livelihood. If our teachers can find some way of sustaining self and dignity they can be better equipped to find a new way to reach the children they need to impact in school or out of school. This was how and why the workshop was birthed.

We will be posting the workshop details shortly on the website as we believe it can still go a long way to meet needs at this time.

Today, I just want to share some testimonies from the workshop so far:

Testimony 1

Good morning ma’am,I learned quite a lot from the training. I reaffirmed the fact that “what you don’t want you don’t watch”. 

Hence you must take the necessary action . In taking action , TIME is paramount. A regular update of knowledge is very crucial.

The dispensation we are in globally, demands that we must as an individual, corporate body, family, nation or an entity embrace the philosophy of “ONA KAN KO WO OJA”. And speedily too. 

We must be open to new ways of doing things (unlearn, relearn). Take advantage of the technology available to enhance our lives and  our community.

Synergy/Collaboration is needed to achieve our multi goals and arrive at our destination fast .

ACTION TAKEN so FAR:- I took advantage of the availability of rice business hanging on my nose for 2years without me getting involved. I videod the warehouse took picture of the rice and posted it on my page and other platforms. 

Verbally told people ‘I have bags of good rice for sale o’ 

Can you believe the first person I told ordered for 20 bags and even offered me her big store on the island (OKE-ARIN) to use!

I have made a list and budget of online businesses I will venture into this month with my small pension.

This is a bumper testimony for MNR! If anyone told me someone would be able to achieve this much from just taking action from the small whatsapp workshop! Would I have believed them?

There is more good news. I just asked her to send me pictures. Guess what? She is now selling toilet rolls as well!

Here is another: 

Good morning everyone,

 So as for me…
I was selling original honey before the lockdown and I had quite a number of clients because many like the honey but I was not putting  much effort on advertising at all.  It was just a side huzzle I was not taking too seriously hence. I was not doing any branding, neither was I doing any major advert on social media. 

With the training, I had to rethink and now I am making stickers and tamper proof labels so I can package it in a better way, market by emall to expand my customer base.  

Thanks so much for the initiative. My brain has been booting since, and I  have so many ideas now I intend exploring them one at a time.

And another:

Good morning ma,
I want to appreciate you for the just concluded seminar ‘Ona kan o woja’
It was an eye opener, the resource persons are the best. Thank you for everything.
May God continue to bless and lift you up.
I presently live in a rented apartment, yet I got several bags, I am looking for somewhere to get good soil, and tomorrow I am going to Oko-Oba  to get my seedlings, mainly vegetables of different kinds and I will try yam in a few bags.

I will send the pictures as time goes on.
I want to say a very big thank you.

We will stop here for now, I look forward to seeing more people inspired to make a difference beyond the realities of today so tomorrow can be better.


2 thoughts on “Be inspired beyond Covid

  1. Wow! This is quite great. I also personally Lear alot.

    I registered for recharge card business, I became serious about it, now I am printing recharge cards.

    God bless you for all you do.


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