On the issue of Exam Malpractice

So exam malpractice has been tearing at my heart for a while now. Today I knew I had to say something.

I started my journey about it by searching for information…

Google first took me on a journey through some Nigerian newspaper articles!

I was suprised!


Because I do not expect a general search on Google to sign post me to sites about the Nigerian experience alone.

Does it mean that we are the only country with such bad practices when it comes to examinations?

Something made me search again… and with a little bit of tweaking, I found some other articles about what was going on in the U.K and some other countries….

The numbers are rising!


If you now feel vindicated with this news… please cover your face in shame…

What is going on in the world?

We have torn down all that is good, trustworthy, dignified and full of integrity and we have taken on the cloak of lying, stealing and cheating…

School owner’s, Teachers and Parents… please what is this?

Christians specifically, how can we go back to church dancing joyfully about seeing each other finally after so many months, when we are secretely helping our children cheat to pass exams?

This is not the way to be and I can tell you now that we will pay a heavy price for this big error.

Have you not heard the story of the professor/lecturer who assisted students to pass engineering exams and then they won big projects/contracts, but then the bridges they built came tumbling down?

Or is it the story of the Doctor now languishing in jail because he gave the wrong presciption? His parents were always there to pay his way so he could pass all exams. A Doctor in name alone, rutting in jail as a murderer!

When we encourage cheating, we are eating at the moral fabric of society, slowly defiling what should be held close to the heart.

There is no dignity in stealing and cheating…

Please we must find our way back to what is preciously right.

May I ask what the use is of is being so strict with these children on so many other issues but then we are so lax on this one thing that can easily derail the lives of our young ones?

To the parents and Educators who against all odds have stuck to integrity, and with dignity refused to join in the madness I say “Thank you and Well done”.

Please do not let these other ones derail you.

You are in the right.

They are the ones who are in the wrong.

We will overcome if we are steadfast.

Keep pushing and teaching and promoting good manners and righteous living.

Let us remember the sons and daughters of whom we are.

I have failed exams before and had had to retake them!

Is this written on my forehead?

Has that experience made me an “olodo”?

Please teach our children to have the right attitude to failure and success. They must be able to stand up and try again to succeed and until they do keep trying…

My friend and sister Yinka Ogunde reminded me today of this great song by this great singer, part of it says:

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be…..

No matter what they take from me
They can’t take away my dignity…

Please my people… let’s teach them well, let them have a humble pride in who they are… they are innocent… please don’t be the one to take that away from our children!

Cheating is not the answer… our resposibility is to preppare them for life positively.

When adults lead the children astray the world will never be a safe place… neither will the life eternal journey be achieved!

Be careful, the seeds sown in youth… lay great, solid and godly foundations for our children.

If children are taught and understand, if lessons are age appropriate and are concrete first before abstract, would they need to cheat?

Module good behaviour and morals and our children will blosoom.

They may not know everything but they will know what they know and exam malpractice would not be an option.


3 thoughts on “On the issue of Exam Malpractice

  1. Thank you so much on this issue of exam malpractice. It’s a big shame on parents who are ready to pay any amount for their children to pass or comes FIRST in their class. Same shame on any teacher who is ready to take money to help a child to cheat during exams. Some Churches are just as bad. My niece went to church last Sunday, she told me that most of the youths were not wearing their masks and children under 12years old were broughtto the Church. When the Lagos state inspectors arrived. A pastors quickly asked the children to go into hiding and asked all the people to quickly wear their masks. What is the Church teaching our children and youths. Its CHEATING. What is the solution now?Cheating as eaten every corner of the society . Cheating is a big problem in our society. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION NOW?


  2. Hmm,food for thought.l think the answer to what we are to do is doing our own bit and letting the children do theirs.when we allowed children grow to the age appropriate to learning the problem become minimal.Also if we can have Montessori Schools all around will be another positive solution.l had to allow my boy school in a Montessori pry sch but( Moslem base) their educational content is superb, and l teach the religion aspect at home.l dont fret about the homework and even exams,he does then with ease.


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