So I got a message from one of my WhatsApp group members.

She said she had a visit from one of the kids around her.

As they got talking, he said something that struck and bothered her, so she wanted to bring it to my attention.

What did the young 9 year old say?

“Ma, please can you tell me why the questions in our test and exams do not move on from, list 5 or 3 things, mention this or what is…? It’s boring and doesn’t give us room to really express and show what we know!”


From the mouth of babes…!

Our children want to rise up above the norm… but will we let them?

From Primary 1 to 6, we keep asking those base level questions that point to being able to recall information given.

This is actually the pre-school level of learning. At worse it can be extended to Primary 1 or even Primary 2, but after that, please let’s move on …!

Best to start asking children to expand their understanding and communication skills, by asking questions about describing and explaining what they now know.

Knowledge without understanding is useless. Expecting children to just memorize and regurgitate information is damaging to their ultimate developmental process.

Making sure children are able to classify information so that they can put things in a semblance of order is important.

So let us start infusing deeper questioning skills into those examination papers to keep the brain of the child working, ensure that their mind is reasoning and making sense of the information they are gathering.

Much love from
Mama Monte


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