I come in peace

I come in peace but I have to mention this.

Why is it that we want monetary benefits before giving any value?

Why would you ignore all the benefits of an apprenticeship and insist on a fat salary?

An apprenticeship or internship is not a full-time job appointment!

It simply means you learn on the job!

Bear in mind that the learning may be equivalent to a few tips here and there or a full-blown uncertified university education!

You have to evaluate what value it will bring to your life and decide accordingly.

Not everything is about money.

Why do the people in Lekki or even Surulere expect that the businesses in Ajegunle or Ketu can pay the same salaries as theirs?

They will get there and even exceed this eventually, but it may take some time.

Why would a parent complain that the presents given by a school are not worthy because it’s a book or a simple writing tool?

Why are schools running on empty, with all the price hikes?
Why are some parents ready to enjoy the Christmas holidays but still owing school fees?

Maybe I am missing something!

Please I need to be enlightened, but to me, it seems that there is something wrong here.

Everywhere you turn the prices of food, goods and services have shot upward, nothing is cheap these days, yet the prices of anything to do with education, even school fees, must not and cannot be increased in some circles!

Let’s be fair, and if we are not, then let us be prepared for an expensive future fixing the cheap education we are insisting on now.

I need to say a big thank you to all the Educators, School owners, out there still holding it together, determined to give the children in their care the best even when things are hard.

Keep giving your best to the next generations, you will be rewarded in due time, and thank you ever so much.

Your Mama Monte.


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