Can Montessori Training be done online?

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The initial answer to the question, ‘Can you train Montessori Teachers online effectively?’ Is ‘No’ you can’t do it all online and be sure that all is well. But that does not mean it cannot be done. I know that in a few cases it is being done effectively, without any offline learning taking place.

My personal take on the issue though is that Montessori Training can be done online if you know what the limitations are and know how to work through them. I prefer to do a combination of online and offline for this reason.

Montessori Education is child based and hinges on the following factors: Preparing the Environment, the Preparation of the Teachrer and the understanding of the child. Montessori as a method and philosophy is vast, but these three factors are crucial.

Teaching in the Montessori setting is not just dependent on the knowledge of child development and cognitive skills, but a lot of practical knowledge is needed. Just as a traditional teacher can learn a lot of their professional foundamental and basic skills in the lecture theatre, so can a Montessori teacher. We all know that a teacher must and should spend some of their training period in the classroom, watching and then working directly with the children, so should a Montessori teacher in training.

The difference is that there is a lot more to learn with the Montessori method. You must have access to the Montessori materials though, so study online, if this is what you can afford. Just look for a Training school that will support your journey successfully.

Montessori works, so if you want to learn at your own pace, but learn effectively to become a Montessori expert, then you can’t go wrong with Addlo Montessori Training Center. Our goal is to spread the good news of Montessori to all, in an effective and affordable manner. We aim to train teachers, school owners and parents to impact the lives of children.

Learning is a beautiful process of being that God made for all mankind. The factory fashion of education that we know today is not what learning should be.

Online is the best, fastest way to reach many. The important thing is for the tutor to truely deliver what will make our children learn effectively and help the educator impact lives for a lifetime.

Addlo Montessori Training Center starts its Professional Training Program on Tuesday 10th Jan. 2017. Learn more about the Program here and fill in the Application form to register your interest in the Addlo Montessori Online, Professional Montessori Education Program.

Here is a testimonial from one of our current students. This was written in December 2017.

“I joined Addlo Montessori Training School exactly 3months ago. When I started (after 6weeks of training) I begged my sister to allow her kids come over to my place after school so that I can put what am learning into practice, it wasn’t easy for her but she agreed (a no pay contract). 

My nephew had just clocked 5, when he came he couldn’t read. Infact I remembered after I taught him the sounds, I was trying to make him blend some alphabets, he was just saying things he had crammed in school, at a point he cried in class, I asked him why and he said ‘ Aunty its because am not getting it’ (I felt so sad but relieved because that shows he is ready to learn).

Its just 7weeks my sister’s child joined us he can read very well now. Infact at a stage everything looked like magic to me. I am really happy am able to impact someone, thanks Mrs Ayopeju Falekulo. You are a blessing in disguise ma.

My sister pays me now without my asking,she is very happy with her child’s improvement.

Sincerely am very glad !

The other Kids I prepare for common entrance exam, I teach without shouting or flogging and things are going on fine. The children are so free that they tell me anything.

I wish something can just put all the principles of Montessori in my brain without studying. I can’t wait to know everything !”

Now this could be your story too, really getting the training you need to change lives.

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3 thoughts on “Can Montessori Training be done online?

    1. Thanks for visiting our page. You can attend short refresher and Continued development courses which range from 5,000 to N30,000 Naira. We however run our Professional MontessoriMontessori courses online at the moment.


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