Happy New Year


Dear Friends,

This has been a very fulfilling year. As I look at what God has done, I can only say thank you so much, Father, for so many blessings. Many lessons have been learned.

You must look back to take stock, learn the lessons and move forward. Let us teach our children to do this just as we do. For me, I have learned this year more than you will ever know to follow your dreams to the fullest. Give yourself passionately to what you believe in. I remember as a child thinking’ I will be an author when I grow up’, I also used to think of being an actress! As a young wife, when I learned how to use a computer and discovered the internet, I used to spend all my free time researching and learning about internet marketing. I tried so many different things, even selling goods online for a bit. Why am I telling you this?

  1. I studied Theatre Arts and did a couple of acting stints and some directing, so my thoughts of becoming an actress did come to pass
  2. I wanted to be an author, well I have been writing on this blog for over five months now. I have been consistent, writing every week and thanks to you the audience is growing. Thank you.
  3. Still talking about being an author, I have now published my first book: Teach Your Child to Read. Yeaaaaaaaaaah. It’s all coming together.
  4. Running a school is not easy, running a Montessori school, even more so! We have kept going because of my ability to always look for something extra to bring in money. Network Marketing, writing, training are the ways I bring in money to fuel running the school. Multiple Streams of Income is a concept we should imbibe and teach the children to do the same. I learned this from my Dad. He always used to say, ‘When you run a business it is important to have money coming in every day, even if it is just a little bit. The big sales and profits are usually always interspaced, so find some other smaller everyday things you can do to bring in money constantly while you wait for the big money to come in.’

So in 2016, I got to live my dream, become a writer and finally, looking at my journey so far I can say I have found my passion, my place in the world. I care about what happens to the next generations. I want to be part of the solution with several important issues; making sure that children have fun but learn, contributing to great teacher training methods, spreading the good in Montessori, and making sure that both parents and teachers know exactly how to help our children develop good language, reading and writing skills.

So looking forward to 2017, the plan is to work on making progress with each of these areas of interest. What about you? What about your plan for your child? What about your child’s plans and dreams for themselves?

Happy New Year to you. Thanks for being part of my 2016 journey, and I look forward to getting to know you even more during the New Year.


We will be live on Facebook Thursday 29th December 2016 at 7pm (WAT): Topic: Let’s Talk Montessori Training.




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