Is Montessori Education Expensive?


The straight answer will always be ‘Yes!’ Why yes? This is really because you know that  Montessori schools in the metropolis areas, of Victoria Island, Lekki, Ikoyi, Yaba, Surulere, Gbagada, Antony and Ikeja to mention just a few, are very or relatively expensive in terms of school fees. So to educate a child in the Montessori setting could put you out-of-pocket from Five Hundred Thousand to Several Millions of Naira each year!

Yet I run a school where costs are as low as One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira a year per child and yet our parents will tell you that my school is too expensive! Our location is beautiful but in the suburbs of Agege area. The Montessori materials that makes the Montessori school so unique are also available for the children to work with everyday in their classrooms.

The School Owner who decides to use the Montessori Method and its curriculum in the school they run regardless of costs does it because of their inner conviction that it is the best and only sure way of actually guiding a child to learn the way they want and need to learn. The expense in running the school is therefore a secondary issue and there are ways around this.

Parents choose Montessori Schools because they have heard that it is a great way to educate the child. But they need to do more due diligence before putting their little treasures in institutions that bear the name but not the heart or the true environment of Montessori.

Training a Montessori teacher is another issue. A teacher who has N.C.E. or B. Ed. qualifications is still not trained in the Montessori method and therefore will require more training in order to become a fully qualified teacher.

Certification is very expensive, therefore employing a fully certified teacher will bring up the cost implication of starting a Montessori school.

Ok so yes it is expensive, but very worth it. Why? The reason is simple. A Child’s life is impacted greatly, with good life enhancing benefits in the Montessori setting. Children are more confident, think logically when dealing with academic or life issues, they learn to be great communicators, they can make decisions, lead people, work as a team, they are joyful and great learners. They are well prepared for life as an adult. The joys of watching a Montessori child grow into adulthood as a well-rounded integrated member of society is priceless.

So the cost of keep your child in a Montessori school may be high, but consider this some non Montessori institutions cost much more and the cost of educational materials are no where as high for them even when they can boast of high tech IT classroms and the like.

I would rather pay a bit more knowing that my child is truely getting the right foundation, than gamble with their future because all the big people in the area send their children to that rich school so you do too. Consider, it cost money to train as a Montessori teacher, lots of money! They really should not be paid peanuts. The school must spend money to keep the environment healthy, clean and updated, they should also make a profit and not a loss.

So next time you look at a Montessori establishment, consider these factors before you switch off and send your child to a more expensive school because they are bigger and well established.

If you are considering starting a Montessori school, but are worried about the expense, or you want to train as a Montessori teacher but the cost is too high! Then Addlo Montessori Training Center may actually be able to help you. I started Addlo Montessori School on a shoestring budget, so can you. I have gone on to train some very gifted Montessori teachers at very affordable cost to them.

So the good news is that starting a Montessori school does not need to be an expensive venture that is unattainable. We do go into this in great detail during the Professional Montessori Online Course at Addlo Montessori Training Center. If this is an issue that has been holding you back don’t let it. Starting a Montessori School on a shoestring budget is possible. I would really love to see more authentic Montessori schools spring up in 2017 and the following years. It will take Educators with passion, who care and want to make an impact in the lives of the next generation to make this happen.

Please leave a comment below, so I know what you think. Also do not forget the eBook is out and on sale. Get it now and start using the tips and guides to help your child. Go to our shop to get your own downloadable copy now.




8 thoughts on “Is Montessori Education Expensive?

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  1. Good evening Ma, I read your article on is Montessori education expensive. I do agree with the points you gave. Now the issue is I desire to own a school but my question: is there another way for me getting impacted without attending the training?


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