The Montessori Starter Kit

The MontessoriStarter Kit

The Montessori Starter Kit among other things, has kept me busy for a while. So if you have been wondering where I have been this is it. I have tried to keep up as much as I can on Facebook, but life makes demands and so please be patient with me.

The good news though is that The Montessori Starter Kit is done and ready. It’s kind of like a Montessori 101 basic guide. Not too academic, but gives you a fair insight into what is Montessori, and what is not Montessori.

I am glad I did this, because just over a week ago there was a video that went viral on Facebook and WhatsApp concerning a school where unfortunately a child died and the words Montessori was part of the school signboard. There was something else that happened a couple of months ago and the word Montessori came up.

This is so wrong as the name is just being copied and used, and most people have no clear cut idea of what Montessori is all about. I know that most of us are in the know on this blog, but you may still want to find out more about it or need something to refer your friends, parents and clients to. It’s FREE

So to get your copy, just go to

and get yours.

It’s my birthday month and we are rolling out a special edition of The Professional Diploma in Montessori Education and The Montessori Teacher Program at a special price. If you are interested simply send me an email.

The email address you will be needing is

It’s a special offer and you may never get the offer made this good again.

I really love The Montessori Starter Kit. So get your Free copy Now



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