Helping the Special Needs Child.

There are children among us who cannot cope with normal activities of life. Their difficulties vary. I am sure that most of us did not know that children who need special help were not just those that cannot see or hear. There are some many difficulties that we encounter as human beings.

Some of our children are very hyperactive to an extreme, others lack the ability to communicate and develop relationships with others properly and this is not just because they cannot talk. They can it is just that social skills or the capacity to develop such is mostly lacking. These are just a few. I decided not to give names to these needs because so often we are so quick to label a child.

The salient question though is do we know how to decipher when there is something amiss that needs attention with a child. A child who cannot tell the difference between yellow and red may need help. A child who cannot hear low sounds but can hear the very loud is suspect. So also is the one who gets very agitated and starts shouting or screaming, covering their ears and crouches in the corner because you want to help them change into the proper dress for the day, but they are opposed to your kind and appropriate gesture.

Before you start getting upset with this child take a break and observe for a while. You may discover the triggers and be able to pin point the difficulty this child may be experiencing.

Now that you can see that the child is not being naughty or difficult, but that there is a reason for their behaviour what do you do? This is the problem that most of face, who is the expert that can actually help us find out exactly what the problem is and give us solutions to help us help the child.

What you require is a Special Needs Expert, and contrary to our preconceived notion, there are quite a few personnel in this field and they have been silently working with children for decades. It is a very important though that people know who and where to go to for help. So I will start by setting up a list for Special Needs Experts and Consultants. We will compile this and publish on this site to give you a starting point. If you are a Special Needs personnel or know one please go to The Special Needs Consultant List and input your details.

Also do not miss the Special Needs Conference coming up on April 7th 2018. If special needs is an area you need help with your child or your school then this is a conference that can help you sort this out. If we are going to carry every child along and help them reach their fullest potential then we definitely need to take this very seriously. Come along to The Teachers Network Conference details on the poster attached. Register here


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