Montessori Mathematics Facts

One of the most apparent facts about Montessori is that it’s benefits are vastly overlooked, but more so Montessori Mathematics. If you are unaware of the fact that the founder of this method of education was Italy’s first female medical doctor, then please take note now. Add to this, the fact that as she studied children and documented her findings, she also brought to the table and included in her teachings, only that which was universally constant in the child, as the right and appropriate method to teach and inspire learning in the child.

She was a scientist to the core, our Dr. Maria Montessori, and therefore brought her scientific mind to bear in charting out how to teach the child and how to teach each subject. That is why we should take note of Montessori Mathematics.

Mathematics, the subject that is hated, unloved and which not many would touch except that it is so mandatory and important to existence! I would never have studied Mathematics in Secondary school if I had a choice, but I didn’t have one. Would you have studied Mathematics in secondary school? Not too many of us would answer ‘Yes’ to this question.

Yet today I find joy in teaching teachers Montessori Mathematics so that they can in turn catch the magic of Montessori Mathematics and pass it on to the children in their classrooms.

It is with great joy that I can tell you that it is working and all thanks to Dr. Maria Montessori. I hated Mathematics as a child, I am an artist by nature, studied Theater Arts, but with the detailed, step by step approach to Mathematics that Maria Montessori passed down I now love Mathematics, understand it much better and can pass on the torch to reach teachers, parents and students alike.

Her body of work should not be ignored as it is a key element to why children hate mathematics when you do not look at this scientific approach and follow it. I do know that a lot of schools and methods have adapted some Montessori principles in teaching Mathematics. It is a pity that they have not gone the whole way though, because that is where the juice of it’s success lies.

The materials are important, because you remove the abstract nature of teaching mathematics which is a global issue and replace it with the concrete nature of the subject, which children love.

The scientist in Maria Montessori allowed her to create materials that spoke directly and logically to the child.

The sequence of the lessons took in each step in the process, so that there where no missing gaps, neither was more than one learning block taught.

Montessori Mathematics is a sequence of learning blocks and materials that isolates each concept and teaches it one step at a time, this allows the child to learn one and move on to the other. The results are astounding. Both children with special learning needs and the rest of the class can learn and succeed at Mathematics using this method.

The Parents and Teachers who have taken the course An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics have been really happy with the results they are getting from their children and student’s

Here are a few feedback messages received from our past students:

“During the course of this short training, I have learnt that children learn better with concrete objects, this in turn prepares them for the abstract concepts that they will meet later in mathematics in future classes. The Montessori approach is learner -friendly, systematic, dynamic and structured in such a way that children can easily figure out. With the sequence of moving from the known to the unknown, it is therefore easy for teachers to build a solid foundation in Mathematics and set up the children for success. I would like to continue with the Diploma course as soon as possible and I would also recommend these Montessori courses (short & diploma) to my friends and colleagues.”

another Student says:

“Our Mathematics for the early years will certainly not be the same. Thanks.”

If Mathematics and teaching it to our young children is therefore in any way a concern that you want to overcome, check out our online training, An Introduction to Montessori Mathematics, it will provide answers and facts you will be glad you enrolled for it.

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