Apparatus Training Graduants are Making Waves

The most recent Apparatus training held at Addlo Montessori Traing Center in Lagos Nigeria cost me the earth to get to. It was a very gruelling experience.

But honestly it was worth all the effort, sweat and money combined

I have found in this line of work it is not just making a profit that matters, integrity,grit and continued personal development is so much more necessary.

I was adviced severally to postphone the journey and therefore the training Why?

Well because our fantastic Nigerian based Airline decided to cancell the flight I was nooked on for months without notice about 24 hours before the flight and the training in Lagos was only in 4 days time!

So I thought to myself, deciding to give in and cancel would be the easyway out. It would also be unprofessional and irresponsible. My to be students as well as my Professional Students working with me would be so dissapointed.

A few people took time off work to make it, imagine the fallout if I did not turn up.

It was Easter time so in order yo get to Lagos my ticket cost 3 times more than my original ticket. (I am yet to get a refund, which I have tquested for but Med View Airlines has remained mum about this)

I got in on the Sunday evening and started Training on the Monday! I am grateful to my team at Addlo. Everything was set and ready to go.

Fast forward to graduation and beyond, it makes me smile and so happy to see that the time and money was more than well spent.

I am so proud of all the graduants. They have taken a lot of what they learned on board.

All my Montessori Program Students are allowed to come to the training every time we have one at no additional cost. This means that you can refresh and learn at the same time. (This really is a steal which you wont get anywhere else)

Hands on,practical training and practice is needed when it comes to the Montessori Materials. Watching someone present and doing the presentatuin yourself are two completely different things. Time to practice is key.

We also added onto this a bit of time for making materials.

I have been so chuffed and touched at seeing the wonderful Montessori inspired work my new graduants have been able to make.

What do you think?

To gind out more about traing with Addlo Montessori Training Center go to our Training Section Here


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