Stop Using the Cane Reloaded

stop the cane (2)In December 2017, I wrote a post entitled ‘Stop Using the Cane’

This grew into a series of several other posts.

I am presently reflecting on this issue that is so dear to my heart.

The posts had mixed reviews because it is obvously also a personal choice of parenting that is involved. But truth be told I think we need to continue the didcussion.

Tosse 2018 has helped me bring this to the forefront of issues that occupy my time. There are plans afoot but TOSSE first.

I ask myself:

Who has changed their point of view and stopped using the cane?

Has any teacher started to learn and implement better ways of managing behavior in their classrooms?

Any School policies updated to include non use of this abusive tool called a cane?

Has any parent changed their parenting style? Are they more proactive and intentional?

If there are affirmative answers then we know progress is being made.

But are there any?


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